Brand Realization puts your brand in front of more of the right people with messaging that they can relate to so that you can start more relationships and close more sales.

Rohling Growth Advisors will promote your brand and messaging through a multi-channel approach that will increase targeted prospect activity and grow sales.

  • Social Activity Assessment
  • Social Follower Development
  • Social Engagement Monitoring
  • Social Ads & Multi-Channel Traffic Generation
  • Digital Prospecting
  • CRM & Beyond

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Social Activity Assessment

You know that social media is important to modern sales growth but, how often do you engage in social media activity? We will assess your current activity level and develop a plan to help you find prospects through social media.

Social Follower Development

Social media followers are relevant to sales growth. Modern prospecting requires a multi-channel approach that includes proactive social media outreach. We will help you to meet more people and nurture new relationships.

Social Engagement Monitoring

Creating great content, connecting, and following are great but, do you engage with contacts developed through social media? We will help you to engage with prospects once they have engaged through social media.

Social Ads & Multi-Channel Traffic Generation

Create sales activity through multiple inbound and outbound methods. Blog, newsletter, social publishing, social ad development, A/B testing, automation strategy, video creation, landing page development, phone calling engaged contacts, and general content creation.

Digital Prospecting

Bridge the gap between sales enablement and marketing with our Digital Prospecting process. Find new prospects through multiple digital platforms. Connect, Request, Harvest, Schedule. Build internal automation processes.

CRM & Beyond

Your CRM should be your “Source of Truth” for all things related to sales growth. CRM should be as simple as you need it to be, yet as sophisticated as your marketing imagination will allow. Rohling Growth Advisors provides team coaching, custom view creation, deal stage strategy, set-up, data imports and cleansing, software integrations, overall CRM Management, automation design, and setup.