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Play the video above to hear Tim Rohling, founder of Rohling Growth Advisors, discuss why Future-Proofing is so important to any organization.

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Future-Proofing.  We work to protect your business from the risks of reactive growth activity by building proactive processes to achieve a higher level of success than previously imagined.

Reaching Higher.  We help you to establish sustainable growth by establishing best practices and forming the foundations for scale.

Drive More Effective Marketing, Sales & Customer Service activity.  We help establish, teach and implement better sales activities through smart technologies, processes & The HUMAN method.

Delivering a Customized Experience.  We meet you where you are with flexible tools and paths tailored to your unique goals.

Combating Complacency.  No matter what size the company, complacency kills sales potential.  That's why we help companies shift their mindset to a proactive versus a reactive sales approach.

Inspiring Long-Term Sustainable Growth.  With a holistic approach, we align the Marketing, Sales & Operations teams to common goals & practices to drive positive and sustainable growth.

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What our clients say

The systematic sales process that is deployed by Rohling, LLC has given our sales team the guidance to be successful.  The Rohling sales plan outlines critical leading business measurements on intervals with compassionate leadership.  The sooner you start with Rohling, LLC the sooner results occur."

Laurence Jones
Laurence Jones | RiskVersity
Co-Founder & President

Rohling, LLC helped us identify areas of weakness in our Sales Management & Marketing strategy and educated us on how to utilize technology to get our message out to a new audience.  Having a measured approach to keep moving forward and accountable with our growth processes (even while dealing with a pandemic) with Tim’s assistance is of great value and we appreciate the efforts.

Mike Long | LongSchaefer
Managing Partner

Rohling, LLC  has been a vital piece of our growth in 2020. In the midst of a pandemic Rohling helped Queen City Homecare grow it’s reach and expand its thoughts on what marketing could be. Over the course of 6 months Rohling was able to completely refocus our marketing strategy and get our name out to the community in a way we had not been able to do in 9 years.

Aaron Stapleton
Aaron Stapleton | Queen City Homecare
Founder & CEO

Rohling, LLC has been a tremendous help to myself and our organization as a whole.  Tim has been able to take an unbiased peak into our business and improve how we could more efficiently be managing our sales in the future.  I would highly recommend Rohling to any organization who is looking for new fresh and creative ideas regarding their sales and human management processes.

Damon Gaynor
Damon Gaynor | Industrial Tube & Steel
Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Rohling, LLC has propelled our TEAM forward by identifying and executing process improvements that attack our companies initiatives.  Tim's work with the Management and Sales TEAM's have been direct and growth oriented.  Our staff has enjoyed working with Rohling, LLC, they brought value every step of the way.

John Fireovid
John Fireovid | Fulcrum Lifting

Rohling, LLC quickly became a valuable contributor to the sales success at D.S. Design.  We needed help with modern sales & marketing strategies.  Rohling, LLC has redirected our efforts with proven methods that work.  Tim is confident in his approach and is a great teacher.  Our decision to move forward with Rohling was a game changer.

David Sillies
David Sillies | D.S. Design
Founder & President

Working with Rohling, LLC improved the visibility of our targeted accounts, keeping our sales team focused on new business development.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller
Vice President of Sales

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